Evolving Language: What to Keep and What to Leave Behind

A language shifts and evolves like a landscape shaped by wind and water. Sometimes the changes strike quickly, like a new term or style change ruling that hits both writing professionals and general language users like a landslide, instantaneously transforming the landscape. Sometimes they take longer to acclimate, like the gradual eradication of ethnic slursContinue reading “Evolving Language: What to Keep and What to Leave Behind”

The Hikes I Miss Right Now

It’s been 51 days since Washington’s stay-at-home order was issued. Twenty days before that, I registered Nebula Creative Services as an official business. There’s probably never an ideal time to dive into freelancing, but during a pandemic probably wouldn’t have been my first choice. At least I have a little more time to learn howContinue reading “The Hikes I Miss Right Now”

My 2020 Most Anticipated Books

I was that kid staggering out of the library at the beginning of summer with a stack of twelve books she couldn’t possibly read before they were due, or even before the end of the season. I had an entire shelf dedicated to Goosebumps and Animorphs, those standbys of the Scholastic book fair. I learnedContinue reading “My 2020 Most Anticipated Books”